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    Masterdeal Delivery

    Buy and sell all over the country. We will help you send the goods to any region, monitor the safety of the parcel and guarantee safe payment.

    Delivery for business

    Secure payment

    The bank will reserve the money on your card. The seller will receive them when you check and accept the parcel.

    More offers

    Choose products from all over Russia and order something that is not sold in your city.

    Free refund

    You will be able to check the product upon receipt. If it does not fit, you will get your money back even for delivery.

    Pick-up points and couriers

    The order will arrive at the pick-up point from another region. There is delivery by courier in Moscow and 21 other cities.

    How to buy with Masterdeal Delivery

    Step 1 of 4

    Click the "Buy with delivery" button in the ad

    Select the pick-up point or courier service, specify the address, name, mail, and phone number — you need it for communication and to receive the goods.

    Important: if there is no button, it is impossible to arrange delivery.

    What we deliver

    Products up to 120 × 80 × 50 cm in size and weighing up to 15 kg. Through couriers "Yandex Go" — up to 20 kg. Categories in which the service is available:

    Spare parts

    Consumer electronics

    Personal items

    Hobbies and recreation

    For homes and cottages,

    Russian Post delivers parcels worth no more than 15,000 rubles.

    Learn more about the conditions for sending by courier and to the pick-up point.

    Where and how we deliver

    By courier to the door

    In Moscow, St. Petersburg and 20 other cities via "Delivery service" and "Yandex Go". The order will be delivered to the address that you specify.

    To a convenient pick-up point

    Across your city and across the country via Boxberry and Russian Post. You will need to pick up the order yourself.

    Check where the nearest pick-up point is



    Russian Post

    You will be able to choose a delivery service when making a purchase.

    Address or object

    Where to check the status of orders

    There is a section in your profile where you can see all purchases and sales through Masterdeal Delivery.

    When you pay for the order, it will appear in the "Buy" tab.

    Masterdeal Orders

    How to protect yourself from intruders

    Do not follow the links and QR codes for payment. Keep your email, notification codes and SMS secret. Stay in the Masterdeal messenger and remember about other security rules.

    More tips

    We tell you how scammers work and how to avoid their tricks

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