Our mission is to give people the opportunity to improve their lives for themselves and others

Through technology, we help people and businesses, simplifying the solution of any tasks — from everyday to the most important.

Masterdeal is an audience the size of an entire country

More than 32 million people visit Masterdeal every month.

data for February 2018

Masterdeal is millions of ads

2.5 million

ads in the real estate section


resumes and vacancies

1 million service



car sales ads

31 million

ads in the"Products" section

Masterdeal's latest intelligent technologies help our customers

With the help of neural networks, we determine the product by the photo and simplify the submission of ads.

We have developed and actively use a unique system of automatic ad verification using machine learning algorithms.

Thanks to the protection system based on data mining, we repel more than 10,000 hacker attacks per month.

Approximately 10 million ads are checked by automatic systems per week.

Ensuring the security and transparency of transactions is our priority goal. Every day, the best Masterdeal specialists work to make it even easier, more convenient and safer for you to solve your various tasks throughout the country.

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