Masterdeal - buy or profitably sell new and used products, order or provide services, place an ad on any topic

Masterdeal - buy or profitably sell new and used products, order or provide services, place an ad on any topic

Start selling online right now!

On Masterdeal, 750 thousand entrepreneurs sell phones, sneakers, cabinets and superhero comics every month-anything!

Here they find clients for repairs, manicure, transportation. And also-students for teachers and tutors.

Masterdeal sells new and used cars, motorcycles, trucks, special equipment and auto parts. Every second apartment in Russia is for sale on Masterdeal. They also sell houses and commercial real estate here; they rent out daily and for a long time.

A simple start
You don't have to spend money and time creating a website or setting up targeted advertising to start selling your products online.

Large selection of tools
For example, advanced statistics, auto-renewal of ads, a store page with all your offers. The set of tools can be changed as the business grows.

What are the tariffs?

You can include as many ad placements as you need in each of the tariffs. The more you place, the greater the discount.


A normal profile. No promotion bonuses

Auto-loading of ads

Masterdeal Pro cabinet with advanced statistics

Planning of promotion services

Call tracking for recording and analyzing calls

Auto-renewal of ads


The company's page. Promotion bonuses

All from the Basic

Autostrategy of ad promotion

Information about the company and a block with news in the profile

Your ads in the recommendations block

Search only for your ads

Design of ad descriptions

Hiding competitors ' offers in your ads


The store's page. 2 times more bonuses

All from the Extended

Branded store page with background and logo

The unique address of your company on Masterdeal

Storefronts with ads

Your logo and store information in each ad

The logo and the link to the store in the search results

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